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Neuropathy Laser Treatment

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You don’t have to live with the discomfort of ongoing neuropathy pain.

Neuropathy pain is persistent and debilitating, and it can inhibit you from doing what you want with your life on a daily, ongoing basis. Instead of accepting neuropathy pain as part of life, come and visit us at Goshorn Wellness Center to discover how we can help. We have helped hundreds of patients reduce the symptoms of their neuropathy pain and, in some cases, completely reverse the effect.

Our treatment method for neuropathy pain is so successful because it optimizes the environment within the body for nerve healing and actually generates new blood vessels, which increases blood flow to the damaged nerves. Our approach also stimulates the damaged nerves to reduce pain and improve balance while decreasing brain-based pain. Our exclusive treatment system increases blood flow to the nerves in the feet and hands, which helps the nerves rejuvenate naturally and return function to normal without surgery or addictive medications.

Neuropathy pain isn’t something you have to live with despite what you’ve been told. Come discover new proven methods to reduce your symptoms so you can get back to doing the things you love to do. If you have questions or want to know more about our approach, please don’t hesitate to give our office a call.

Is neuropathy reversal possible? The answer is yes!

When you have problems with neuropathy, the hardest part of managing your disease isn’t the many doctor’s appointments or even figuring out a prescription dosage to help manage the pain. Instead, one of the things that neuropathy patients struggle with the most is the lack of ability to do things that they once could. Active hikers and avid outdoor enthusiasts are suddenly unable to walk to the mailbox without feeling excruciating pain or other problems. Here at Goshorn Wellness Center, we want to help you get back to your routine and your favorite activities not just by managing your neuropathy, but with actual neuropathy reversal!

When you come to Goshorn Wellness Center to learn more about neuropathy reversal, you might feel a bit of skepticism. After all, neuropathy is degenerative, right? Our neuropathy reversal process works by tackling your neuropathy on all fronts, starting with the true cause of your neuropathy. Even though there are all sorts of factors that determine the cause of your neuropathy, we will figure out which combination is causing your neuropathy. After we have determined the cause, we will start the neuropathy reversal process by working on healing the source of your neuropathy.

We use a variety of treatments, including low-level light therapy (LLLT), to revitalize and stimulate the nerves to start regeneration. Combined with digital electro-therapeutic stimulation and the latest researched nutritional support to rebuild new blood vessels and heal damaged nerves (YES you can, and we see it all day in our wellness center), your neuropathy reversal process will be well on its way. Dr. Greenspan holds Board Certification in Neuropathy from the American College of Physical Medicine, and with the help of Greenspan Wellness Center, you’ll soon be back to enjoying time hiking or walking with your family once more all over the Black Mountain, North Carolina area. Contact us today to learn more about neuropathy reversal.

Finally, Get Help with Pain & Numbness in Your Legs & Feet!

What is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy essentially means: an abnormal or degenerative condition of the nervous system. It inflames &/or deadens your nerves, compromising your body’s ability to circulate blood. If you’ve been suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy or Type II Diabetes, you’ve most likely experienced symptoms in your hands, legs, and feet such as numbness or insensitivity to pain or temperature; tingling, burning or prickling sensations; sharp pains or cramps (or like walking on sponges); extreme sensitivity to touch, even light touch; loss of balance & coordination.

Most of our patients have already seen several doctors & specialists, tried bed rest, a variety of strong drugs, chiropractic, physical therapy, many others, sad to say, surgery. They come to our clinic because they are still experiencing pain or numbness! Our goal is to find out what’s causing your neuropathy, then go right to the root of the issue for treatment! The primary goal of conventional medicine is to treat isolated symptoms & pain with injections, drugs, &/or surgery. While these may relieve the specific complaint or concern temporarily, they are suppressive in nature & in the long run, have undesirable side effects. Drugs do not possess curing powers – the cure is always within the body itself, if given the right circumstances to heal. In our clinic, we opt for the holistic approach. We treat the whole system, mind & body, rather than dissecting the body into parts. Our goal is not only to relieve your neuropathy, but also help you regain your health, energy and vitality! We treat neuropathy with a wide variety of services

The benefits of the treatment include:

  • Increase Local Circulation
  • Relax Muscle Spasms
  • Maintain or Increase Range of Motion
  • Prevent or Retard Disuse Atrophy
  • Prevent Blood Clot formation
  • Decrease Rehabilitation Time
  • Increase Wound & Injury Healing
  • Prevent Amputations

Neuropathy Treatment - Red Light Therapy: 

This new, non-invasive, painless, high tech infrared laser light therapy works wonders for severe and constant foot & leg pain and numbness caused by neuropathy. Patients’ lives are changing drastically as a result of these treatments.

The much-needed benefits of these deep tissue super-pulsed cold laser treatments include:

  • Increasing Circulation
  • Increasing Blood Flow to Any Given Area
  • Reducing Pain & Restoring Sensation to Lower Extremities
  • Improving Gait & Balance; Reducing Falls
  • Helping with Wound Healing
  • Preventing Amputations
  • Accelerating the Healing Reversal of Neuropathy Symptoms

On top of that, we have a one of a kind 12-Week Neuropathy Nutritional Program for cleansing the body of toxins & acid buildup, while also making sure your body is receiving all the necessary nutrients it needs to heal. Why are you and so many others suffering from Neuropathy? More often than not it’s because you don’t understand how the food you’re choosing to eat is affecting your body. We will sit down with you and teach you what you need to know! By combining 100% pure and reliable supplements, a good eating program, & hands-on, advanced neuropathy treatments, we will essentially give you your life, well-being, & happiness back!


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  • "I've had back issues ever since I had a seizure several years ago. I started seeing Dr. Hill and it has helped immensely. I have far less pain now and he taught me some stretches for when it does bother me. I usually have my 7 year old son with me and Dr. Hill is great at interacting with him and explaining how things work. The front desk staff is very friendly and welcoming."
    Erin H.
  • "I would like to thank the fantastic team at Goshorn. Dr Hill has been wonderful and helping me with my back issues. A true miracle worker. The entire team has been very friendly and professional."
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