A new form of laser therapy for neuropathy symptoms

Relieve your body of numbness, pain, burning and tingling

Neuropathy is caused by nerve damage in the hands and feet. This causes sensations such as numbness, pain, burning and tingling in the body. At Goshorn, we provide a LED light therapy to treat the causes of Neuropathy and help reduce symptoms. This light treatment is performed without any pain and is non-invasive for the client. Book your first laser treatment to reduce your pain today and get back to doing the activities you enjoy without surgery!

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How it works

The LED light, provided by our Contour Light machine, penetrates the skin, restoring oxygen on a cellular level. This causes microcirculation around the nerve and helps to heal the nerve and regenerate fibers. This treatment also creates new blood vessels which increases blood flow to the nerves. At Goshorn, we provide an exclusive treatment system that increases blood flow to the nerves in the feet and hands, which helps the nerves rejuvenate naturally and return function to normal, without surgery or need for medications.

benefits of our light therapy

Increase in circulation & blood flow

Reduces pain

Restores sensation

Symptom reversal


Increases range of motion