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Before you call your doctor to inquire why you are not losing weight as
expected, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Are you writing down what you eat to be certain you are not eating too much? This keeps you accountable.

2. Are you posting motivational reminders around the house to spur you to success? This helps many.

3. Are you weighing daily? It is important to weigh every morning at the same time.

4. Are you becoming greedy? There will be days you don’t drop pounds so don’t panic. Before you complain about your weight loss slowing down, recognize how much you have lost and allow your body to adjust.

5. How’s your hunger? If you are starving, your doctor needs to run a urine test to determine whether you
should increase your caloric intake or increase your drops. Do not take it upon yourself to choose.

6. How’s your energy level? Some will notice lethargy during the first few days. Don’t panic. That will subside.

7. Are you exercising too aggressively? It is recommended you keep exercise to a minimum during the RCD.

8. Are you drinking enough liquids? This will help with satiety.

9. Are you taking the time to plan ahead? It is best to prepare foods ahead and keep refrigerated so you don’t find yourself grabbing whatever is edible when you are hungry.

10. Are you making a shopping list and sticking to that list? Whatever you do, don’t go to the grocery store hungry. This is a sure recipe for failure.

11. Do you believe daily stress is to blame for your lack of success? We can all blame stress for our life’s struggles. You need to be certain you take time to prepare your food ahead so life’s stress doesn’t derail your success.

Have more questions about Shape Reclaimed? Visit the Shape Reclaimed website for more information.

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