Customized Nutrition Plans for Weight Loss and Better Health

Improve your quality of life by consulting with the right nutritionist.

What to Expect from Our Weight Loss Nutrition Program

Our team will provide you with a weight loss and health restoration plan during your consultation. We will take into consideration your health history, lifestyle, and food preferences, to develop a plan that is individualized to your needs. We believe in a fun, personalized approach, that must exist in normal day-to-day life, allowing you to reach success without feeling deprived. Through the use of all real foods, we will help you to develop a lifestyle approach that will restore your health in a sustainable way.


Do you want to know which of our weight loss services fits you best?

Nutritional Services

Nutritional Counseling

We focus on a sustainable approach to nutrition, taking the quality of food into consideration. We ensure that our clients have the correct quantity intake and the perfect amount of protein, fats, and carbohydrates according to their metabolic needs.

Body Composition Testing

Our advanced technology allows our team to evaluate your current body fat vs. lean body mass percentages and the levels of inflammation in your system. This helps us to understand your body better and develop a program for you that will show improvements with this measuring technology as you progress through your journey.

What does our nutritional
counseling look like?

We’ll tell you what to expect from nutritional counseling with us.


Your first visit with our nutrition practitioner is a free consultation. We will discuss your current health goals, health history, and lifestyle.


Next, we will talk with you about our program options to support you in moving toward those goals, and if all feels like a good fit for you, then we will set you up for your initial consultation and individualized plan.


The first day of your program will be a 90-minute visit, where we will build with you the parameters of your journey to health and give you the tools and resources you need to get started.


You will have regular follow-up visits, paced at intervals to allow for appropriate accountability and support. Assessments and analyses of your progress will allow us to change your plan as you progress.


Eventually, we will provide a period of stabilization and discuss the supported maintenance of your plan going forward.


Will I feel deprived?

No. Our plan is to fill your daily eating with lots of healthy options and not leave you feeling hungry. We want you to fuel the furnace and keep your metabolism happy and healthy. Starvation mode is one avoidable place we prefer to keep you away from.

Will I still get to eat the foods I love?

We believe that there is a place for all foods and a true lifestyle change should not deprive you of certain foods. We encourage you to start seeing foods that do not serve your body well as “sometimes” foods, rather than daily options, and we help you find satisfying alternatives that are better to have on a regular basis.

How soon will I start feeling healthier?

In the very first week of our program, you will start to detoxify and clear your body of toxins and inflammation. In the second and third weeks, you will likely notice that you are starting to sleep better, your thinking is becoming clearer, and your body aches and pains are greatly diminished. Energy levels begin to soar and soon you are on your way to a healthier version of yourself!