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Our weight loss services are built around sustainability

Nutritional Services

Nutritional Counseling

We focus on a sustainable approach to nutrition, taking the quality of food into consideration. We make sure that our clients have the correct quantity intake and the perfect amount of protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

Body Composition Testing

Advanced technology allows our team to figure out your current body fat vs. lean body mass percentages. This will help her understand how to create a plan just for you.

Food Sensitivity

If you experience sensitivity to specific foods, our team will help you navigate around those foods without depriving you of food options.

What to expect

Our team will provide you with a weight loss plan during your consultation. We will then guide and counsel you through changing eating habits and exercise to accomplish your nutritional goals. We believe in a fun, personalized approach with our clients that helps us reach clients’ success!

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Discover the benefits of Contour Light Technology

Contour Light is an FDA-approved non-surgical, non-invasive service that we provide our clients with at Goshorn Wellness. This modern technology uses infrared light through microchip LEDs to reduce unwanted fat in the abdomen, thighs, arms, chin, and buttocks.

How Does it Work?

Studies have shown that when fat cells are exposed to a 635 nm light, it creates a reaction of the fat cells, releasing triglycerides into the interstitial region of the body. Schedule your first skin tightening treatment at Goshorn Wellness, located in Webster! It is a pain-free, safe treatment with no heat or discomfort for the patient.

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What does our nutritional
counseling look like?
We’ll tell you what to expect from nutritional counseling with us.

Your first visit with our nutrition practitioner is a free consultation. We will talk through your current health goals, along with your health history and current lifestyle.

Next, we will talk to you about our program options to support you in moving toward those goals, and if all feels like a good fit for you, then we will set you up for your initial consultation and individualized plan.

The first day of your program will be a 90-minute visit, where we will build with you the parameters of your journey to health, and give you the tools and resources you need to get started.

You will have regular follow-up visits, paced at intervals to allow for appropriate accountability and support.  Assessments and analysis of your progress will allow us to make changes to your plan as you progress.

Eventually, we will provide a period of stabilization and discuss the supported maintenance of your plan going forward.

What does our contour light
treatment look like?
We’ll tell you what to expect from our Contour Light
body contouring treatment.

After meeting with a specialist, your first visit is a consultation and try-it treatment for a set price.  This provides you the opportunity to experience a session before deciding to commit to further sessions.

We will have a conversation about your goals, concerns, and expectations. We will then explain the actual treatment process, its benefits, and answer any questions you may have.

Next, you will head into our treatment room to have pre measurements done in eight places:  both upper arms, three abdomen measurements, your hips, and both thighs.  After that, you will lay down and our body wraps will be placed to begin your treatment.

We treat your whole body from just below the chest to your knees (front and back), and both upper arms.  You may also choose to enjoy our facial rejuvenation mask during treatment.  At this point, you are set to rest and relax in our spa-like atmosphere for your treatment time.

After your treatment, we will measure your same areas again and show you the immediate difference! Lastly, you will enjoy ten minutes of our vibration therapy that supports your lymphatic system and accelerates your fat loss results.

Does the Contour Light Treatment hurt?

Not at all. Contour light is not only non-surgical but also a 100% pain-free FDA-approved method!

Is there anything I can do to prepare for the Contour Light Treatment?

Patients should maintain a healthy diet and water intake to flush out their lymphatic system. If the patient follows these guidelines, dramatic results may show after just one treatment of Contour Light. Some forms of exercise are also shown to be beneficial to see desired results. We aim to provide optimal weight loss results for our patients. 

Will your nutritional plans require me to stop eating certain things?

Our programs are focused on eating better, not eating less! Some of us experience sensitivity to certain foods. Our experts will help you determine which things your body is not so happy to process and give you alternatives.

Do I have to exercise for the Contour Light treatment to work?

No! Contour Light can produce results by itself. Of course, if you’re already under another weight loss program or if you exercise, Contour Light is the perfect treatment to speed up your process and bring extra sustainability to your exercising routines.